Industrial installations of environmental protection

Eco Instal

Eco Instal

ECO INSTAL is a specialist company which deals with complex investments in the field of industrial installations of environmental protection

ECO INSTAL is a specialist company which deals with complex investments in the field of industrial installations of environmental protection. The Company achieved high specialization in key industry sectors during 24 years of its activity.

Permanent position of a leader in the area of Air Protection Technology is supported by several hundred standard installations realized in Poland and all over the world. The beneficiaries of pollution emission reduction are individual investors as well as government programmes. The company deals with designing, production and installation of equipment to purify air from solid or gaseous wastes with the use of the latest technologies. Modern infrastructure of production situated in Filter Factory in Kościan allows offering the highest quality and cost-effective solutions. 
Several hundred of performed projects in different industrial fields are the most credible recommendation of our activity.

In 2002 ECO INSTAL implemented Integrated Quality and Environment Management System and obtained Certificate consistent with ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14001-2005. Annual positive audits conducted by external units certify the uninterrupted compliance with the approved procedures.

These certificates confirm that Integrated System of Quality and Environment Management was assessed and recognized as consistent with quality and environment standards and scope of activities such as design, production, sale, installation and service of air protection and heating equipment.

Our mission is to prevent negative environmental impacts of human activity. 

To reduce the cost of pollution reduction to maximum possible extent we provide state of the art environmental protection solutions and constantly develop our technologies.

Our strategy is based on:
Constant improvement of technical solutions in order to enhance emission reduction of harmful substances.
Development of cost-effective and efficient production technologies.
Effective use and improvement of Integrated Management System.

"We feel proud that we successively support  the industrial growth by protecting the natural environment for future generations."

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